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Forever by your side

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"Trust me, it’ll be fun. I’ll let you pick out whatever you want, I won’t question it at all, and I’ll pay for it. But I’m also picking out stuff for myself for….. Uh.. Yeah.. I’ll pay for the stuff, but I just didn’t want to go alone."

"Pick out whatever I want? Pisti. I wear baggy dark clothes all the time. I don’t think you would fins anything  that would be questioning to you." He rolled his eyes before standing. "I’ll come, but I’m driving. You’re crazy behind he wheel."

Busts up into the room Ja'far is in. "Loser, we're going shopping."

"What? No Pisti…. No. I can’t just…."

Leave.Then again maybe it was better that he went with her, then he could keep her from buying pointless things.

"Fine, I’ll come."

I want to make food but the kitchen is occupied, so my next best thing to do is to do replies, but I’m too hungry to concentrate

Also I think someone should rp cross dressing Ja’far with me.

Because it’s all I want out of life

Ja’far has the legs for high heels.

Yes, yes he does.

Is it so wrong of me to enjoy the thought of Ja’far wearing make up to feel pretty?

Because I drew a picture

and again with the women’s clothing

I don’t know what my obsession with cross dressing Ja’far is, but don’t stop me. It makes me happy.

I'm your future husband/wife



Ja’far just stared at the blonde for a moment unable to speak. Then the laughter came.

"Pfft- Alibaba you shouldn’t go around telling jokes like that."

He shakes his head as he holds a paper up saying they are forced to marry each other.

Ja’far scowled snatching the paper from the other He looked it over with a deep frown. “No. This is. No way am I allowing this to happen. I’m going to find a way out of this.


Love him so much
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Sinbad could feel the man staring. It was the most uncomfortable feeling ever. He began to sweat as he couldn’t find Ja’far on the map despite running around it so much.

Suddenly, a movement from the corner of his eye. By instinct he turned, took aim, and shot.

A lucky hit.

"Haha, yeah, Ja’far, it uh… It takes some practice… You know…"

Sinbad was a dead man.

Ja’far couldn’t even look at the man out o fear he would strangle him. He gripped the controller tighter in his hands. It was tempting to smack Sinbad in the face with the end of the corner. He let out an angry sigh.

"This game is fucking stupid." Ja’far brought his knees up to his chest, muttering to himself. He wasn’t going to let Sinbad get the best of him.

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