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Forever by your side



You don’t mean… what I think you mean, do you?

Maybe. It depends on what you think I mean.



As a matter of fact, I did, dear minister. Do you think I earned a kiss?

With the way you’ve been lately, you’ve earned more than just a kiss.



somebody please pay attention to me

Did you finish your work for the day?

Anonymous said:
sinbad lays seductively in your askbox-conquerorofthesevenseas

"Can I help you?"

Reblog if you have this:


…and are willing to share it with people that want to get to know you

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phantom/sympathy penis, man. it’s a thing. i’m having the same feeling over zelos wilder over here like wow dAMN
sinbad makes your ghost dick hard.

I just literally thought “Sinbad makes my dick hard”

I don’t have a dick. Pfffft


sinbad is always a little drunk. unless he’s being serious.

i’m really distraught my next anime convention is in a dry county that takes all the fun out of it

I’ve never been to an anime convention. I’ve also never been drunk in public.

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He was dizzy.

The fun kind of dizzy. The kind of dizzy where he didn’t care if he fell over, because it was funny. There was a smile plastered on his face that he was sure he couldn’t make go away even if he tried. His cup was empty and he was trying to ask for more to drink through slurred speech.He wasn’t usual this drunk from a few glasses.

"This stuff is stronger than usual," He murmured looking into his empty glass with one eye.



i actually binge drank the last half-bottle about a month ago now all i have is a tiny bottle of coconut rum

and i have to buy furniture so i have no booze money

sad day

I have booze money.

And booze

Man I haven’t’ had a thread with drunk Ja’far in a LOOOOOONG time. I should go write one. Or something I dunno drunk Ja’far is fun.

That was random….

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