Forever by your side

So yeah I know I shouldn’t care how many followers I have, but I am happy to see 100 followers. I’m glad that many people can enjoy what I do. It means a lot to me. (even though some of you are the same people) it doesn’t matter to me. I remember back when I had four followers and thought I would never get anywhere near this many! So um. Thank you guys so much.

Oh! An in honor of my 100th follower Freckles will be doing something special for anyone who leaves me a message in my inbox. You can ask me for ANYTHING you want. Whether  it be a crappy drawing or for me to write a drabble for our muses or for a starter! I will do it all!!!! You can even ask for all three if you’d like~

Love Freckles. ~<3

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  1. sindrian-queen said: Yay! Freckles got 100 saps! I mean, 100 wonderful followers. =D
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